Vincenzo Marino

Photo: M. Zoppellaro, 2019

Born in Southern Italy, I live in Milan since 2012. Working as a Content Manager for Red Bull Italy, I manage and oversee the creation of new digital formats, and the video declination of musical, marketing and sports events. As Executive Producer, I’m responsible for the main musical project of the group ("Red Bull 64 Bars"), and for the creation of new editorial content on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

I'm interested in music, culture, new media, and sports. Since December 2019, I've been curating a newsletter where I analyze the Gen Zs cultural trends and media consumption, "Zio" (

I’ve been host, author and senior producer for VICE Italia, creating video content designed both for owned and social platforms, contributing to the development of the editorial portfolio and the branded solutions. For VICE Media I’ve also worked as Senior Editor of the VICE News Italian desk.

I’ve been published in various magazines and newspapers as a freelance contributor (Esquire, Rivista Studio, La Repubblica), and from 2012 to 2015 I contributed, as Content and Social Media Manager, to the realization of four International Journalism Festival editions.


📠 Email: marino.vinc[AT]
🎙 Twitter: @wyncenzo
🥀 Instagram: @wyncenzo
🖨 Linkedin: Vincenzo Marino